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Makin’ yet another record – RPM’in it with Sven!

Hey Ya’ll,

I’ve been holed up in the woods of Grass Valley, California this winter working on a new record, cat sitting in a little cottage. At night the stars are literally jaw dropping and the trees stretch to the sky. it’s quite the woodsy womb of the world.

Aforementioned woodsy womb.

My bandmate Sven came to visit for 10 days and we wrote and recorded 7 songs so far!! Alone I have recorded several more. This material feels vastly different than any recordings I’ve put out, and that excites me. All of it is rawer, more immediate, feels like a deeper authentic voice, a darker exploration, etc…

Fast & furious is igniting. We are inspired by the RPM Challenge where people all over the world are making a record the month of February. But we are off by a bit. Tour starts Feb. 21st, so we had to begin our work in January to have month.

Cat’s a plenty are everywhere, including Zipper & Sadie who I am housesitting. Although Sadie has gone now to Mexico to visit her mommy (of course she has:). STRANGERCAT is a kitty who came daily to peer in our window and see what kind of music Sven & I were making. We let him in one day, and he ate all the kitty food and then ran away. As a result of meeting this mysterious being, we are seriously considering calling this project “Stranger Cat” after this feline. What do you think?

Funny – people always ask me if I am a “cat person” because of my name (which is short for Catherine), and I have had to say, “not really”, because I never had one. But these little guys have converted me into a 100% bonafide kitten freak – purrrrrr, meow!!!!



Stay tuned, more soon!!!! Sven & I hope you enjoy our teaser start R.E.D. (Red Electric Dragon). And an additional teaser below, about which you’ll get no more information right now…


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