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The New York native has previously appeared as a member of Sufjan Stevens’ and Sharon Van Etten’s bands, but is poised to release a sophomore album next year that has the potential to make her a star in her own right. Full of gorgeous, overlapping vocal loops, the album is a beautifully melodic piece of art dressed up for 2012. Harps, thick bass beats, electric guitar, tambourine and swirly, skittering synth lines — it’s all here. Even over this lush, enveloping backdrop, Martino’s resonant voice is always the undeniable centerpiece.  NPR 

“Yr Not Alone, is chock-full of lushly layered vocals, swaying melodies, folk influences (and maybe some fairy dust?), and we can’t get enough… With electronic cameos and a soulful vibe, these eclectic elements come together for a sound that seems strangely familiar- but at the same time, it’s totally fresh.” Nylon mag

To listen is to be shrouded in melody: feathering beats and synthy instrumental swells undulate beneath Cat’s mesmerzing vocals… Replay until this storm, or any other, has passed. -RCRD LBL

Cat Martino makes glowing, of-the-moment woozefolk full of ethereal drones and spacey loops, running modern indie-scruff through the 4AD dream machine – balancing soul stirring Feistian bombast and expressionistic Zola Jesus smoke plumes.Village Voice

Well-travelled New Yorker Cat Martino had earlier gotten the evening under way with a beguiling set… deftly constructed a wall of swirling harmonies and instrumental flourishes that set off her voice to striking effect. One to keep an eye on for sure.” Ragged Words

“She takes the femme quirk of Bat for Lashes and subverts it with the laconic charm of Audrey Hepurn’s “Moon River”: resulting in a warm edginess. The feeling is that of spying something wonderful and unexpected on the horizon as you watch the sun come up from a Brooklyn rooftop”  The Girls Are

One has to appreciate the amount of effort and talent in creating these different sounds all at once, especially alone. Cat Martino did exactly that and n the process managed to draw the listener in through her hypnotic and soulful music. –New Beats

Martino, once a straight-ahead folk musician, seems to have incorporated electronic effects in to her set— looping, pedals and the like to add a very welcome level of growth to her songs. Beyond Race

Mesmerizing… as if she were an oracle. Certainly there’s witchery in the orginal songs [Cat Martino] delivers with support of guitar, cello, violin, bass and drums. –The Village Voice

With her loop pedal singing, Cat Martino accomplished what John Lennon attempted to do in “Tomorrow Never Knows” by sounding like monks singing from the mountaintops. La Musica


Martino uses her commanding vocal presence and usage of loop pedals to create mesmerizing melodies. The folkster has collaborated with [Sufjan] Stevens as well as fellow singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten, all of whom seem to be cast from a similar musical mold. –All Things Go


Yr Not Alone [the album] is a soulful, gorgeously enigmatic set – complete with surprising arrangements, inspired melodies, and multi-textured meanings that reward and unfurl with each repeated listen… a multi-textured collection of looped sonic landscapes that boast memorable, soulful vocal melodies conjured from a truly unique concoction of influences. 24 Bit Music (interview)


Martino’s voice is always the centrepiece. The earlier experimentation clearly informs the final versions of the songs, and that development leads Martino to use her voice with thoughtfulness and confidence to help make ‘Yr Not Alone’ the distinctive and captivating album that it is. The CMU Daily


Soulful and dreamy vocal and instrumental layered and looped song set. –Kevchino


Beautiful, beautiful. Anika in London


When you first hear Cat Martino perform live, you get the feeling you’re discovering someone already famous. Her voice is beautiful and soulful, overflowing with raw talent.


Cat Martino has been making a name for herself singing with Sharon Van Etten regularly and on her latest single “Love More”. Cat’s own new single “Jennie’s Gone Down” is a gorgeous rumination. The Sky Report


Watch a Blogotheque Take-Away show of Cat performing with Sharon van Etten.









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"Totally fresh."
–Nylon mag

"Mesmerzing... Replay until this storm, or any other, has passed."

"Yr Not Alone (the album) is a beautifully melodic piece of art dressed up for 2012"


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